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What is Altermind?

With Altermind you can create personalized AI Entities with your data to help you with your specific tasks. From Customer Success Chatbots to personal document Q&A

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Altermind Features

Altermind's Core Features The core features of AlterMind include: 1. Large User Guides are History: Simplify working with large and complex user guides and manuals. 2. Automatic User Guides: Create a web assistant to guide users through your guides and manuals based on their inquiries. 3. Automatic Customer Success Chatbots: Increase engagement and resolve customer inquiries automatically. 4. Chat with Documents: Easily load files into a centralized repository and obtain summaries or explanations from an AI expert.

Altermind Use Cases

Altermind's Use Cases Use cases for AlterMind include: 1. Simplifying user guides and manuals for clients visiting your website. 2. Increasing customer engagement and resolving support requests with automatic chatbots. 3. Analyzing and obtaining information from documents in a seamless and efficient manner.

Altermind Pricing Model & Details

Altermind Pricing STANDARD PLAN $12 /mo PRO PLAN $49 /mo BUSINESS PLAN from $349 /mo
Added on 12/14/2023