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What is AIprm?

Get the most out of generative AI with the best prompts from our marketplace of prompt engineers.

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AIprm Product Overview is an AI prompt management tool powered by a community-driven prompt library. It allows users to complete marketing, sales, operation, productivity, and customer support tasks in minutes that used to take hours with ready-to-use prompts for ChatGPT, Bard, Midjourney, and DALL-E 3.

AIprm Highlights

  • Community-Driven Prompt Library: provides a vast library of prompts created and maintained by a community of users.
  • AI-Powered: leverages AI to manage and generate prompts, making it a powerful tool for various tasks.
  • Versatile: supports a wide range of industries and use cases.
  • Efficient: allows users to complete tasks in minutes that used to take hours.
  • User-Friendly: offers an intuitive interface and user-friendly features.

AIprm Features

  • 1-Click Verified Prompts: provides verified prompts that can be used with a single click.
  • Custom Tone & Writing Styles: Users can adjust the tone and writing style of the prompts.
  • Prompt Management: offers features for managing prompts for individual users and teams.
  • Live Crawling URLs: offers live crawling of URLs.
  • Private Prompts: Users can create their own custom prompts and store them privately.

AIprm Use Cases is used by various professionals for different purposes:

  • Accountants: For tasks like tax compliance, bookkeeping, and tracking expenses.
  • Consultants: To keep track of everything and manage client relationships.
  • Creatives: For booking gigs, creating fliers, and refining techniques.
  • Healthcare Professionals: For managing practices, treating patients, and meeting reps.
  • Lawyers: For research, client meetings, and tracking billable hours.

AIprm Pricing Model & Details offers several pricing plans:

  • AIPRM Plus: $9 per month.
  • AIPRM Pro: $29 per month.
  • AIPRM Elite: $79 per month.
  • AIPRM Titan: $899 per also offers business plans with varying number of seats and access to the AIPRM Small Business Prompt Pack.

Top AIprm Alternatives

Here are some of the top AI alternative products to

  1. Chatsonic prompts library
  2. TextCortex
  3. PromptPerfect
  4. EmizenTech
Added on 11/27/2023