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What is AI-generated creatures?

Generate your own AiMon and mint it as an NFT on the Polygon network.

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0.0% AI-generated creatures Features AI-generated creatures's Core Features 1. AiMon Creature Generation: Generate your own unique AiMon creatures with different characteristics and attributes. 2. Mint as NFT: Unlock the evolutions of your AiMon by minting them as NFTs on the Polygon network. 3. Gallery: View all your created creatures and existing Aimons in a dedicated gallery page. AI-generated creatures Use Cases AI-generated creatures's Use Cases 1. NFT Collectors: AiMon NFT Generator allows collectors to create and collect unique AiMons as NFTs. 2. Gamers: Users can use their AiMon NFTs in gaming environments or trade them in the NFT marketplace. 3. Art Enthusiasts: Creators can generate AiMons with unique characteristics and attributes, turning them into valuable digital art pieces.
Added on 12/14/2023