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What is Aidchat?

Aidchat is an AI chatbot platform, that you can train on your business, SOP, or product and deploy to respond to your customer's queries 24/7. Now you can Integrate Aidchat into your website in just 3 clicks with customized personality & language.

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Aidchat Features

Aidchat's Core Features The core features of AidChat include: 1. AI-powered chatbot technology 2. Customization and training capabilities 3. Integration with business websites 4. Ability to answer questions related to the business 5. Seamless deployment and publishing

Aidchat Use Cases

Aidchat's Use Cases AidChat can be used for various purposes, including: 1. Customer support: Businesses can use the chatbot to provide instant support and answer customer queries. 2. Lead generation: The chatbot can engage with website visitors, collect information, and generate leads. 3. Knowledge base: AidChat can serve as a repository of business information, providing users with quick and accurate information about products or services. 4. E-commerce: The chatbot can assist customers in finding products, placing orders, and resolving issues.
Added on 12/14/2023