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AI Surge Cloud

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What is AI Surge Cloud?

Low-Code Data Fabric Platform - Helps businesses deliver data 5-10x faster, giving them the agility and flexibility they need to be productive.

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AI Surge Cloud Features

AI Surge Cloud's Core Features Low-code data fabric platformIncreased data agility and flexibility by 5-10xReliable solution for overcoming data productivity challengesData preparation and exploratory data analysis in minutesDeploy predictive models for freeIntegration with AWS and DatabricksAI surge cloud guarantee for swift solution deliveryCloud infrastructure with auto-scaling mechanismData observability for actionable insightsMarketing capabilities for customer analysisData governance and securitySupport for private, public, hybrid, and multi-cloud deployments

AI Surge Cloud Use Cases

AI Surge Cloud's Use Cases Citizen data scientist use cases Insights data security AI strategy Maximizing the value of data scientist teams Building data applications Predicting marketing promotion Analyzing marketing intelligence Cloud infrastructure for code and data processing Data observability for actionable insights
Added on 12/14/2023