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AI audio transcription

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What is AI audio transcription?

Save 99%+ compared to human transcriptions and 50%+ compared to competitors. Our AI transcribes with 'almost human' quality (just minor edits may be necessary).

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AI audio transcription Features

AI audio transcription's Core Features Faster and cheaper than human transcriptionAI trained on millions of hours of audio for superior accuracySupport for nearly 60 languagesTimely and reliable transcriptionsPrivacy-focused: data is processed onsite and never shared with third partiesSupport for enterprise plans for high-volume transcription needs

AI audio transcription Use Cases

AI audio transcription's Use Cases Convert interviews, conference calls, podcasts, or lectures to text Available in nearly 60 languages Ideal for personal or professional use Suitable for a wide range of industries and sectors Save time by eliminating manual transcription Get accurate transcriptions for important tasks
Added on 12/14/2023